Emotional Bullies

Somebody stole my joy recently.

And if it were not for my great friends l would still be wallowing down that dark tunnel that person left me in.

I felt so robbed,so betrayed.Β How could somebody you trust and whom you have opened your doors to, take that trust and use it against you.

I let them into my home out of the goodness of my heart, but they took that as a stepping stone to quench their selfish wants.Β 

There is nothing as painful as being emotionally bullied. When somebody purposely invades your space knowing very well you can do nothing about it. Knowing very well they have the upper hand. The audacity of it all. Am appalled. It makes me sick to the core.

I am still angry, very angry. But then l am grateful l only have to deal with the anger now. Before l reached out for help l was a scared mess. I felt threatened and l coiled into my shell a vulnerable mess. Flashbacks took me back to a few years back when l had to deal with someone like this. For almost three years l dated somebody emotionally abusive, and to this day l carry the scars.

That person who told me am nothing without them. That person who told me they were all l had. That person who told me l can do nothing on my own. That person who preached how lazy l was and even nicknamed me a sloth. That person who even went to the point of calling my family monkeys. A person who knows me would be shocked to learn that l even believed this of myself back then, after it had been sung and imbedded deep into my soul on a daily basis. But guess what he was wrong. I am none of those things.

And guess what, new devil. No more. You can not take my joy anymore. I refuse to go down this road again. You will not abuse my trust ever again. That window has closed.

Stand up to emotional abusers. They must know the world is not their playing field.

Stand up!!!


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